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About Us

The Turkish Association of Visually Impaired in Education (EGED) was founded in 2013 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. EGED has contacts with relevant Turkish ministries (Education, Family and Social Policy, Work and Social Security, Youth and Sports) and organizations such as the Higher Education Council and the EU National Agency. EGED also works with universities and municipalities, and cooperates with NGOs and foundations.


EGED aims to develop solutions to obstacles that visually impaired people come across in their educational lives. After analyzing problems, EGED develops solutions and presents them to relevant organizations and institutions in order to provide blind and visually impaired people for easier education life. EGED fights against discrimination and supports blind and visually impaired people in higher education as well as in primary and secondary education.


EGED has 7 working groups focusing on different purposes: IT (Information Technology), Education, Communication-Activities-Awareness, Legal, Teaching-Employment, Projects, and International Relations. EGED’s International Relations Section keeps EGED in touch with other international organizations with similar interests. EGED benefits from international connections and has participated in projects abroad since 2013. International collaboration with blind communities from around the world is necessary to raise standards of accessibility and spread them worldwide. EGED welcomes connections with any interested organizations and individuals.


The Association of Visually Impaired in Education (EGED) began to be active in the disability field in June 2009 as a mailing list focusing on the problems and challenges of visually impaired students at university. Soon, others who were studying at other levels joined the list, and members were able to advise others; for instance a high school student preparing for the university exam could be guided by people who had taken the exam a few years before. In 2012, the email group had around 500 members, so it was necessary to transform the mailing list into a more recognizable association. EGED was founded in January 2013. By July 2017, there were about 1000 members of the mailing list, some abroad (Germany, Iran, USA).

EGED gives its full support to cooperation for an accessible world!